President’s Anniversary Letter: Cheers to 42 Years of Pegasus Coffee!

President’s Anniversary Letter: Cheers to 42 Years of Pegasus Coffee!

May 1st, 2022

Dear Pegasus Family,

This month marks 42 proud years since we opened the doors of our original Coffee House on Bainbridge Island for the first time. Each year that passes gives us another opportunity to reflect on the pioneering role we played in creating the now-renowned Seattle-area coffee scene. Our origin story continues to inspire us.


When the Coffee House opened in May 1980, Pegasus Coffee became the first Seattle-area coffee roaster to serve espresso over the counter. Paying homage to the famed coffee houses of Europe, we offered espresso, cappuccino, tea and pastries right from the start. Our café area featured comfortable seating, a variety of local and international newspapers, and rotating exhibits of local art. Our converted space in an old, red-brick building at Winslow Wharf quickly became all we had dreamed it could be — a thriving community hub fueled with lively discussions, live performances and unparalleled coffee.


Today, as our company grows and evolves, the legacy of our early years lives on. Our lattes still feature the delicious Espresso Blend our founder, David Dessinger, developed in those days. Our walls continue to showcase local art. And, most importantly, Pegasus Coffee House continues to serve as a vital community gathering place, where Islanders and visitors alike connect, discuss, reflect, relax, study, create and celebrate every day.



To commemorate our history, we’ll be turning back the clock this month to make the Coffee House feel even more nostalgic than usual.


Join us on Thursday, May 19th, when we’ll be brewing our Classic blends, wearing ‘80s-inspired outfits, and bopping to ‘80s music. Picture your delicious latte being poured and served by a friendly barista in a neon track suit.


What’s more, on May 19th we’ll also be charging 1980s prices all day long! Since the year we opened, consumer prices have risen a whopping 249%. That means, as we travel back in time for the day, our prices are set to drop – big time. It’s going to be totally bodacious!


Here are a few examples of prices you can expect to pay:

12oz Drip Coffee – $1.14 (normally $3.25)

12oz Latte – $1.49 (normally $4.25)

House-baked scone – $1.49 (normally $4.25)





Finally, the evening of the May 19th will mark the return of live music to the Coffee House after a two-year hiatus. Eric Auckerman will be performing live in our front window from 5pm-7pm as we hold our 42nd Anniversary Celebration event, which will be free and open to the public.


As we celebrate our past, we can’t help but notice how much the world has changed over the last 42 years. Yet, notably, we’re far more attuned to (and excited about!) the things that haven’t changed. Great-tasting coffee; a friendly face behind the counter; a place to gather, connect, and belong: our decades of experience have taught us that these things are truly timeless. They certainly mean as much (if not more) to our customers and team members today as they did back in May 1980.


So this month, we hope you’ll celebrate our birthday with us – not just for the fun and nostalgia of it, but also for the timeless values it represents, which continue to guide our business today. Cheers to 42 years of great coffee and community on Bainbridge and beyond, and to many, many more!



Matt Grady


Pegasus Coffee Company

Bainbridge Island, Washington



PS – our Anniversary Blend is also back, for a limited time!

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