SINCE 1980

131 Parfitt Way, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110


Hours: 7am – 4pm Sun-Thurs, 7am – 7pm Fri-Sat

The Original Pegasus Coffee House

A Bainbridge Island tradition since 1980, this is Pegasus’ first store – a specialty coffee landmark and the iconic, ivy-covered birthplace of one of the nation’s most historic coffee companies.

Designed in the classic European Coffee House tradition, our Bainbridge location has long been a friendly, if somewhat bohemian place to gather for outstanding coffee, lively discussion and the free exchange of ideas. A haven for artists, Pegasus´ walls have also long been a gallery for local art, and its front window a stage for traveling musicians and poets from across the PNW.

When we opened this location in May 1980, Pegasus became the first coffee roaster to serve espresso over the counter in the Seattle area. And the lattes we serve today still use the original espresso recipe we developed more than 40 years ago.

Come visit us and become a new part of our decades-long coffee tradition!



“We talked for two hours as we sipped coffee in heirloom cups on a warm day. We knew that our tales of the past would be there when we returned, just waiting for us to start a conversation with, ‘Whatever did happen to…’”

Sally Robison – “A Permanent Guest’s Illustrated Guide to Bainbridge Island” (Eagle Harbor Enterprises, 2005)

Built in 1937, our landmark building was originally home to the Anderson Hardware store and was built by their staff, utilizing bricks salvaged from the old incinerator for the island’s Port Blakely Mill. Until the end of the Mill’s operations in 1922, those same bricks were fired thousands of times and took on a wide variety of tones, a richness that was passed on to the walls of the Anderson building.

When Pegasus threw open its doors to the little-changed building forty-some years later, the amazing aroma of fresh, hand-roasted coffee spilled out. Islanders were led by their noses to a funky new brick coffee house, hangout, and home-away-from-home. Many have been coming back ever since, and they are constantly joined by a mix of new friends, both young and old.

For some, Pegasus Coffee House has been a meeting room, an office spot, or a place where everybody knows their name for many years.

But for all, it serves as a hub for great coffee and community.


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“Hop on the ferry to Bainbridge Island to reach Pegasus Coffee – this historic coffee shop resides in a beautiful brick building and is a local favorite with great-tasting lattes…”

Two Islands In a Stream Of Friendship

“The coffee bean has helped forge an enduring bond between Bainbridge Island and a rugged tropical outpost in the middle of Lake Nicaragua… It also has been a way of involving a lot of people on Bainbridge Island, because the whole coffee project [roasted by Pegasus Coffee] requires quite a few hands.”

A Respite From Seattle, a Ferry Ride Away

“Covered by cedars and firs, with splashes of maples and alders, Bainbridge is a big island — slightly bigger than Manhattan, in fact — and there is a lot to see. The bicyclists are the first off the ferry. Soon, they are flying past parents pushing strollers and retirees walking dogs in downtown Winslow, even when it rains. Pegasus Coffee serves high-end java as well as soups and sandwiches in Winslow, the island’s largest village.”

The Nantucket Of The Pacific Northwest

“You may not have been to Bainbridge Island, but odds are good you know what it looks like. The gorgeous Puget Sound spot has been a filming location for Grey’s Anatomy and is a regular backdrop for style bloggers and Instagrammers… While Seattle is known for being the birthplace of Starbucks, there are better coffee options on the island. Head southward to Pegasus Coffee House, a local chain whose Bainbridge location is in a brick building covered in ivy…”