Pegasus Coffee has hand-roasted small batches of delicious, high-quality coffee on Bainbridge Island for over 40 years. Though our facilities have expanded and modernized over time, we still operate with the same pride and dedication to the craft of coffee roasting that our founder, David Dessinger, had when he rolled up the garage door at Winslow Wharf for the first time in December 1979.

While other Seattle-area coffee companies have mechanized and downgraded the quality of their roasting processes over the years, we remain committed to the artisan nature of our craft – carefully watching, smelling and listening to every batch we roast.

Under the care and guidance of Head Roaster, Dr. David Adler, our experienced team is pleased to continue bringing you some of the highest-scoring, sustainably grown coffees from around the world, and roasting each for peak flavor expression – whether as a dark, light or medium roast.

12935 Islandcraft Lane NE Unit A5, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110