Pegasus Coffee Company Acquires Dude’s Donuts

Pegasus Coffee Company Acquires Dude’s Donuts

January 19, 2022

Bainbridge Island, WA – Pegasus Coffee, a 42-year-old specialty coffee roaster and retailer based in Bainbridge Island, WA, has acquired Dude’s Donuts, a specialty wholesale bakery offering 100% plant-based, gluten-free cake donuts in Kitsap and Pierce counties. The official announcement was made on Bainbridge Island in mid-December. Pegasus first began selling Dude’s Donuts at its Original Coffee House on Bainbridge in February 2021, and discussions to acquire Dude’s Donuts began in October. The transaction took approximately two months to complete, and the deal was officially signed and closed on December 1, 2021.


Matt Grady, principal owner of Pegasus Coffee, said “Dude’s Donuts’ focus on small-batch production, the highest quality ingredients, and quality of life for their customers and suppliers is 100% consistent with our approach to coffee. It’s no wonder that customers who love our coffee on Bainbridge also love Dude’s Donuts! We are thrilled to be formally united.” 


The acquisition of Dude’s Donuts enables Pegasus Coffee to broaden its menu of offerings to its growing list of premium wholesale customers. Pegasus can now offer freshly roasted whole bean coffee, cold brewed coffee on tap, and freshly baked donuts to cafes, restaurants, bakeries and other outlets that want to feature artisanal, small-batch, locally made food and beverages.


It also moves Pegasus into the fast-growing plant-based and health and wellness markets. Plant-based, gluten-free baked goods are in high-demand, especially for customers with allergies or other dietary restrictions, but also for a broader population of consumers seeking clean-label, non- or minimally processed foods made with organic, locally sourced ingredients.  


“Our goal is to keep the Dude’s Donuts product just as artisanal, delicious and fun as it has been, while strengthening its operating processes to make the business scalable,” Matt Grady said. “We are thrilled to be the stewards of the incredible recipes and reputation that Easton and Amanda have built over the past two years. We’re going to great lengths to learn their baking process end-to-end so we can continue to make delicious plant-based. gluten-free donuts that bring such joy to customers. We intend to make Easton proud that he has entrusted his wonderful baking business to us.” 

About Pegasus Coffee

Originally founded in 1979 by David Dessinger, Pegasus Coffee Company is a premier coffee brand from Bainbridge Island, Washington. This year, they celebrate their 41st Anniversary, and are proud pioneers of the Seattle coffee movement. In 1983, Pegasus Coffee opened in the Dexter Horton Building and was the first specialty coffee bar in Downtown Seattle. Pegasus Coffee Company is revered for sustainably sourced, high-quality, small batch, hand-roasted blends and single-origin coffees. With a deep commitment to growers, Pegasus Coffee maintains long standing Direct Trade relationships with farms and cooperatives in Nicaragua and Guatemala. To order coffee and learn more, visit 


Pegasus Coffee Locations

Pegasus Coffee House: Opened in 1980, the Pegasus Coffee House is located on picturesque Bainbridge Island, a quick 35-minute ferry ride from downtown Seattle. Originally inspired by the lively coffeehouses of Europe, Pegasus Coffee House continues to be a gathering place for the island community and beyond.

Located at 131 Parfitt Way SW on Bainbridge Island in Washington.


Dexter Horton Coffee Bar: Opened in 1983, the Dexter Horton store pioneered the concept of the on-the-go coffee bar, and holds the unique distinction of being the first retail outlet to serve specialty coffee beverages over the counter in downtown Seattle.

From this cafe, Pegasus has proudly served Seattle´s commuters and on-the-go professionals for nearly 40 years. Originally located inside the Dexter Horton Building (the historic headquarters of the Seattle First National Bank, founded by pioneer Dexter Horton in 1870), this shop moved street-side onto 3rd Avenue a couple of decades ago, where it continues to thrive today.

Located at 711 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104


Seattle Tower Coffee Bar: Since 2005, the compact and efficient coffee bar has served a broad cross-section of Seattle professionals, tourists, metro riders, and symphony-goers. Located near the corner of 3rd and University Avenues, it has direct access to the Seattle Tower’s beautiful, art-deco-style lobby.

Located at 1218 3rd Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101



About Dude’s Donuts

Founded in 2019 by husband-wife team Easton and Amanda Shepard, Dude’s Donuts is a wholesale bakery based out of Port Orchard, WA offering gluten-free, vegan donuts. Dude’s Donuts began selling at local farmers markets in Bremerton, Port Orchard and Silverdale in the summer of 2019. After much success at the Farmers Markets, the business then branched out to wholesale and presale orders, selling the donuts online for pickup in different locations around Kitsap and Pierce counties once per week. Dude’s Donuts can currently be found at select cafes and retailers Tuesday through Saturday. Follow them on Instagram @dudesdonuts.

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