Enjoy Our New Mexican Mocha – In Store Or At Home

Enjoy Our New Mexican Mocha – In Store Or At Home

February 19, 2022

The Mexican Mocha is now available at the Pegasus Coffee House and we cannot wait for you to try it! This deliciously crafted Mocha stands apart from all others by one special ingredient: Mexican chocolate!

We have partnered with Rey Amargo, a Mexican Chocolatier in Capital Hill to bring you an authentic Latin-inspired Mocha with real artisan Mexican chocolate. Since 1939,  Rey Amargo has been inviting families and friends to rediscover the true flavor of cacao through their handmade chocolates and beverages. And now, we are lucky enough to bring their unforgettable chocolate to Bainbridge Island!

Premium espresso, artisan chocolate and hint of spice combine in a perfect sweet and spicy flavor profile that is out-of-this-world good. The subtle heat of this coffee will warm you up even on the coldest of these winter days.

For those who are not local to Bainbridge Island, but want to make a delicious, cafe-quality Mexican Mocha at home, please enjoy this recipe!




  1. Make 2 oz of espresso
  2. Steam or warm milk
  3. Pour the espresso in a mug, stir in the cocoa mix (optional: add a dash of chile for added heat) and stir to combine. Then add steamed milk.
  4.  Enjoy!

About Pegasus Coffee

Pegasus Coffee has hand-roasted small batches of high-quality arabica coffee on Bainbridge Island since 1979. A pioneer from the beginning, Pegasus introduced the European-style coffee house to the region at its first store on Bainbridge Island in 1980. Shortly thereafter, Pegasus made history when it opened the first coffee bar in downtown Seattle. The company’s innovative spirit and dedication to the roasting craft have led to the unique, delicious blends and single-origin coffees – and the loyal customer following – it is still known for today.

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