Pegasus Coffee Holds First-Ever Meet The Coffee Farmers Event

Pegasus Coffee Holds First-Ever Meet The Coffee Farmers Event

August 8th, 2022

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA — Pegasus Coffee Company is hosting coffee farmers from Cooperativa La Asunción, San Jose Poaquil, Guatemala, at The Pegasus Coffee House on Bainbridge Island for a “Meet the Coffee Farmers” event on August 19th, 2022 from 12-2pm.


Pegasus Coffee has long been committed to direct and fair trade practices, starting direct-trade partnerships back in 1990’s in collaboration with the local charitable organization, Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Island Association (BOSIA).


Now, for the first time, after many years of visits to the farms, Pegasus Coffee will be hosting coffee farmers here on Bainbridge Island. The farmers will offer a special presentation and Q&A session to Pegasus team members on August 18th, followed by a public presentation and Q&A session on August 19th. Attendees of the public event can meet and interact with the farmers, taste a sampling of their coffee, and learn about the complex journey from farm to cup.


Pegasus has been working directly with Coopertiva La Asunción since 2019 to bring customers some of the best coffee Guatemala has to offer – either as a single-origin offering or as a key component in its limited release Anniversary Blend.


Cooperativa La Asunción is a 30-plus-member farming cooperative dedicated to producing high-altitude coffees of excellent quality. The Cooperative represents a group of rural farmers, each of whom owns and works their own small plot of land in the Chimaltenango region.


Pegasus Coffee hopes that this event will help bring awareness of the importance of direct-trade and sustainable coffee farming practices while providing customers great transparency about where their coffee comes from.


The August 19th event is free and open to the public, and will also be live-streamed on Pegasus Coffee’s Instagram channel (@pegasuscoffee).




About Pegasus Coffee

Originally founded in 1979 by David Dessinger, Pegasus Coffee Company is a premier coffee brand from Bainbridge Island, Washington. This year, they celebrate their 41st Anniversary, and are proud pioneers of the Seattle coffee movement. In 1983, Pegasus Coffee opened in the Dexter Horton Building and was the first specialty coffee bar in Downtown Seattle. Pegasus Coffee Company is revered for sustainably sourced, high-quality, small batch, hand-roasted blends and single-origin coffees. With a deep commitment to growers, Pegasus Coffee maintains long standing Direct Trade relationships with farms and cooperatives in Nicaragua and Guatemala. To order coffee and learn more, visit 

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