#brewityourself: Our Coffee Blossom Honey Latte Recipe

#brewityourself: Our Coffee Blossom Honey Latte Recipe

The Coffee Blossom Honey Latte is back at the Pegasus Coffee House, and if you haven’t tried it yet, you definitely should! This deliciously crafted latte is made possible by interaction between our classic Espresso Blend and one additional, special ingredient: Coffee Blossom Honey!

What is Coffee Blossom Honey?

Coffee Blossom Honey is a local, small business located in Bellingham, Washington and a concept dedicated to producing single-origin, micro-lot honey from bees pollinating coffee flowers on coffee plantations in Huehuetenango, Guatemala.

The company’s goal is to increase the sustainability of coffee farms by supporting the installation, management, and annual harvest of honeybee apiaries. Coffee trees pollinated by bees result in more uniform and productive coffee cherries- providing both better plant health and additional source of food and income for coffee farmers.

For those who end up loving this honey as much as we do, we also have individual jars of Coffee Blossom Honey available for purchase online and at our original Coffee House.

We are proud to partner with this brand that aligns on our own mission of connecting with the farms and people that harvest our coffees, and are excited to showcase Coffee Blossom Honey in our newest craft latte!

What is a Coffee Blossom Honey Latte?

A coffee blossom honey latte has 3 ingredients- honey, espresso and expertly steamed milk.

With subtly sweet, jasmine notes and a hint of cinnamon spice, the delicate flavors of this small production honey make a Coffee Blossom Honey Latte an absolute must-try.

How to Make a Coffee Blossom Honey Latte

Can’t make it into the Coffee House but want to enjoy it at home? Try our easy at-home recipe!


20 grams (about 1.5 tablespoons) of Coffee Blossom Honey
2 oz Pegasus Espresso
10 oz of milk (whole or non-dairy)

Make 2 oz of espresso
Steam or warm milk
Pour the honey into the mug. Add espresso, gently mix with the honey, then add steamed milk.
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