May 4, 2020

Pegasus’ whole bean coffee packaging had been largely unchanged since the 1980s.

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, WA Pegasus Coffee, one of the elite forefathers of Pacific Northwest specialty coffee roasting, today announced the launch of more modern and informative packaging for its whole bean coffee products.


New Features

We’re celebrating our 40th Anniversary this year with a revitalized look and feel for our products that provides customers with more information about the quality of our coffees. For example, every bag we produce now features information about the outstanding product inside, including:

        – Origin – where the coffee was grown

        – Processing – what method its farmers used to separate the beans from the coffee fruit

        – Altitude – at what elevation the coffee was grown (higher-grown coffee is generally of higher-quality and more flavorful)

        – Availability – whether we sell the product all year or on a seasonal rotation

        – Roast Date – an indication of the product’s freshness

        – Tasting notes – the flavors in the coffee that stand out and that help distinguish it from others

Honoring Our Legacy 

In addition, our new packaging deliberately strikes an important balance: it features a more modern aesthetic that simultaneously honors our legacy as a specialty coffee pioneer.

At Pegasus, we’re proud to be “Seattle’s Craft Roaster Since 1979,” words we chose purposely. Some early pioneers of the Seattle coffee scene have disappeared, while others have mechanized and depersonalized their roasting processes. Meanwhile, after 40 years in business, we’re still independent and we still roast all of our coffees by hand, as we have since our very first batch.

Though our packaging is changing with the times, our commitment the craft of coffee roasting – and to providing our customers with outstanding, great-tasting beans from around the world – never will.

And that gives us two reasons to celebrate.



About Pegasus Coffee

Pegasus Coffee has hand-roasted small batches of high-quality arabica coffee on Bainbridge Island since 1979. A pioneer from the beginning, Pegasus introduced the European-style coffee house to the region at its first store on Bainbridge Island in 1980. Shortly thereafter, Pegasus made history when it opened the first coffee bar in downtown Seattle. The company’s innovative spirit and dedication to the roasting craft have led to the unique, delicious blends and single-origin coffees – and the loyal customer following – it is still known for today.


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