Matt’s a dreamer, and most of his dreams exist at the intersection of coffee and business building.

With an undergraduate degree from Penn and an MBA from Dartmouth, Matt’s career has taken him through stints in investor relations, business development and corporate strategy for companies such as Raymond James Financial, Alaska Airlines, Starbucks, and Zillow Group. But in 2019, he left all of that behind to pursue his passion for great coffee.

Matt’s coffee journey began with a Frappuccino in the late ’90s, a memorable double-shot of coffee and sugar that, with time, led him to discover his affinity for espresso beverages. Without the support of vanilla lattes, Matt is certain he would not have graduated from college.

Then, in 2012, as a business school student, Matt and a few classmates opened an espresso bar in the heart of campus. The process of planning, launching and operating that store turned Matt into both a skilled barista and an entrepreneur – a combination that has fueled Matt’s desire to own and build a coffee company ever since.

Finally, by acquiring Pegasus Coffee in October 2019, Matt took the first step in turning this dream into a reality.

Meanwhile, the more he’s learned about coffee, the more of a purist Matt’s become. Today he enjoys his filter coffee black, his espresso shots pulled at a 2:1 brew ratio for 25-28 seconds, and his lattes poured with nothing but micro-foamed milk. He never tires of sampling the delicious variety of flavors available in properly sourced and roasted coffees from around the world. And, he’s ever inspired by the idea that, through Pegasus, he can help improve coffee farmers’ standard of living by sharing what he’s learned about coffee over the past twenty years with as many people as possible.



David has long been intrigued by the alchemy of transforming a raw green coffee bean into an exquisite cup of coffee. His coffee journey began watching the mysterious preparation of tiny cups of espresso served at Italian restaurants in Greenwich Village and his native Brooklyn, New York. Years later, as a longshoreman working the docks in San Francisco, he became familiar with the coffee growing regions of the world by reading the names on imported sacks of beans.

What began as a hobby roasting coffee blossomed into a passion for the bean and a desire to learn all dimensions of the farm-to-cup story. In 2004, his work with the Bainbridge Ometepe Sister Islands Association introduced him to the coffee farmers on the island of Ometepe, Nicaragua – an experience that changed the course of his life. In 2005, he and his wife, Kris Carroll, founded what became Islandcraft Coffee Roasters, an artisanal coffee roasting company focused on developing long-term, sustainable relationships with coffee farmers. In April 2019, Islandcraft Coffee Roasters merged with Pegasus and David became Pegasus´ Head of Coffee and Roasting Operations.

Prior to his work in coffee, David’s extensive career spanned academia, biotechnology, and bioinformatics. He co-authored more than thirty-five scientific publications, and discovered several proteins that were awarded US and international patents. He earned a MS in Molecular Biology from the State University of New York at Buffalo/Roswell Park Cancer Center in 1977 and a PhD in Pathology from the University of Washington School of Medicine in 1996.

Nothing makes David happier than to hear his customers say, “Wow, that is a delicious cup of coffee.”



Leon’s first encounter with coffee was the wall of bulk coffee bins at the local market. Later, during his performance tours as part of a Pan-African music and dance ensemble, he discovered espresso cafes in the old Italian and Portuguese neighborhoods of New York, San Francisco and Vancouver. These influences produced in him a passion for culture, community and food production, which led to over a decade of work and volunteer experience in the food industry, at several small farms, and as a youth programs facilitator. 


Later inspired by Specialty Coffee’s commitment to developing sustainable relationships with coffee producers, Leon made his way into the coffee industry and to Pegasus in 2015. Since then, Leon has worked as a Barista, Bartender, and Coffee Roaster, and has apprenticed under Pegasus´ head roaster, David Adler, since 2017. In May 2019, Leon earned his Q-Arabica Coffee Grader license from the Coffee Quality Institute, and currently serves as Pegasus´ lead for green coffee selection and quality control throughout the roasting process.



Having grown up on Bainbridge Island, Anthea’s relationship with Pegasus runs deep. 35 years ago, while in high school, Anthea presented her very first art exhibition at Pegasus Coffee House. After attending art school in San Francisco and spending time in New York and Seattle, Anthea returned to Bainbridge in 2000 and began work at Pegasus Coffee as a delivery driver. In the years since, Anthea has held virtually every role available at Pegasus. Today she manages our order fulfillment process, roasts coffee and often serves as our resident historian. Not surprisingly, she is also our longest-running employee – June 6, 2020 was Anthea’s twentieth anniversary with us!

When she’s not at the Roastery, Anthea and her dog Leon (no relation to another Pegasus roaster of the same name!) spend their time serving on the Washington State Task Force 1 as FEMA-certified Search and Rescue Specialists. They are one of only about 230 such Handler/K9 teams in the US.

Anthea still makes time for her artistic endeavors, too, and in March 2019 her pursuits came full circle as she once again exhibited her work at Pegasus Coffee House as Artist of the Month.