June 22, 2020

A grinder is the most important investment you can make to improve your daily coffee routine.

Remember the last time you smelled freshly-ground coffee? Those first aromatic waves that hint at how the brew will eventually taste? Depending on the coffee, it might have smelled like brown sugar, or chocolate, or perhaps even strawberry jam. No matter the origin, or the roast style, it surely smelled like one thing: potential.

Conversely, have you ever opened a bag of pre-ground coffee and inhaled? It usually smells flat, with maybe a suggestion of something vaguely resembling “coffee”. The reason? Once coffee is ground, it immediately begins to stale. The longer it sits in the bag, the more flavor it loses. 

Grinding your coffee just before brewing is, therefore, one of the best ways to ensure a delicious, fresh-tasting cup. And to do that, you need your own coffee grinder.

Freshness & Flavor

Freshness is an important factor to take into account when making the switch from pre-ground to whole bean. Once roasted, coffee begins to break down on a chemical level. Some of this—such as the degassing process where CO2 is released from the roasted bean—is welcome and necessary. But after a few weeks, coffee starts to lose its vibrancy and, over the longer term, begins to taste noticeably stale.

With pre-ground coffee, that deterioration is accelerated. Aromatic and flavor compounds will invariably escape once the coffee is ground, no matter how good your storage is. A roasted coffee bean keeps the flavor compounds and aromatics locked within, but when broken apart (ie. ground), those compounds begin to escape, and escape quickly.

Consistent Cups

So freshness is one reason you should consider investing in a coffee grinder. Another? Consistency.

A good quality burr grinder is the linchpin of any home brewing setup. In contrast to a blade grinder, where a spinning blade roughly chops and pulverizes with abandon, a burr grinder utilizes two serrated discs to grind coffee to the desired consistency. Having a uniform grind size allows for even extraction during brewing, ensuring that the right ratio of flavor compounds end up in your cup, and also means that your coffee will taste the same one day to the next.

Bring Coffee Shop Quality Into Your Kitchen

A coffee grinder is, of course, an investment. At Pegasus, we are proud to stock Baratza grinders, with three different options to choose from depending on your budget. The Encore, Baratza’s entry-level burr grinder and our recommendation for those starting out their coffee brewing adventure, will give you a consistent, uniform grind every time for a reasonable price. 

Like any good investment, a coffee grinder pays off over time. You’ll get much better coffee every morning and, with Baratza’s reputation for build quality and customer service, you’ll also get value for money—not to mention the money you’ll save by needing to visit coffee shops less frequently. 

Brewing your coffee fresh every morning, whether you use a Chemex, a French press, or even a Mr. Coffee, should be an enjoyable, meditative, and – most of all – delicious endeavor. Adding a coffee grinder is a simple way to elevate this activity. And since so many of us are spending more time at home, it’s a great way to bring the cafe experience right into your kitchen.

About Pegasus Coffee

Pegasus Coffee has hand-roasted small batches of high-quality arabica coffee on Bainbridge Island since 1979. A pioneer from the beginning, Pegasus introduced the European-style coffee house to the region at its first store on Bainbridge Island in 1980. Shortly thereafter, Pegasus made history when it opened the first coffee bar in downtown Seattle. The company’s innovative spirit and dedication to the roasting craft have led to the unique, delicious blends and single-origin coffees – and the loyal customer following – it is still known for today.


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